Ancient Greece Communication

The history of the development of ancient Greek Communication on showed the early versions of some of the very well known communication systems used in the modern world.

The man has puzzled over the method of sending messages over long distances without physical movement and within a short span of time. Gradually, the ancient Greek Communication system developed in two branches.

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One relied on vision while the other relied on sound. The fire was the most widely used visual medium of communication while drums and bulges where the audio medium. The description of the different types of ancient Greek Communication system is found in many historical texts.

Ancient Greek communication using the visual media:

Several methods were developed in ancient Greece to communicate messages over long distances by sight. They ranged from the very simple to the highly complex. Some of these methods have been described as follows:

1. Fry tries is the most well known visual system of ancient Greece communication. These are lighted torches. So, the fire was used to send the messages. They were probably invented by a mythical figure called Palamedes. As the light of a torch became visible on a mountain, the next torch was lighted and so on.

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Several references are found about the factories in ancient Greece literature. They are mentioned in the works of Apollonius, Aeschylus, Herodotus, Aristophanes and many others. A few fry try tower even survive today like the one on the island of Icaria.

2. The reflection of the sunlight on mirrors and even shields were another method of ancient Greek communication. reflectors had used this method.

3. Another visual medium was a type of hydraulic telegraph used by Aeneas of Arcadia. The two communicating parties had identical water clocks. Each person had the same size jar with identical holes and sticks in each jar with different messages on the stick. As the two parties used fire signs to fill up the jar with water. When the desired level was reached, the pouring of water was stopped by another fire sign. The message up to which the water level had risen is the message which is communicated.

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4. Cleoxenus and Democritus improved upon this to create the Persia. It is a system of encryption and visual telegraph.

5. Finally, use of colored flags was another visual system of communication.

Ancient Greek communication using the audio media:

The sound of the different musical instruments including the bugle, the drum, and the tam-tam had long been used to communicate over long distances. Some of these developed in Greece are as follows:

1. The Greek goddess Athena is credited with the invention of the bugle.

2. Descriptions are found of an instrument called the Stentor phonic tube. It was used in Alexanders army so that soldiers could hear their commander.

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3. Some descriptions show how the stern of a ship was used to send messages to the next ship.

ancient greece ship communication

Apart from these, several other methods were used for communication in ancient Greece. Pigeons were popular for a time. A type of cryptography also developed. All these lead to the creation of many diverse methods of ancient Greek communication.