Art and Architecture in Ancient Greek went hand in hand. Like many others, the ancient Greeks regarded painting as the most important form of art. They were also very good at sculpting and pottery.

Art and Architecture in Ancient Greece

Some of the sculptures of the human body which were made by the ancient Greeks show us how fine their knack of sculpting was as the detailing which they gave was immaculate.

Also very famous was architecture. Structures made during the ancient Greek Minoan and Mycenaean civilization are some of the better architectural works done till date.

Art and Architecture in Ancient Greece

Greek Art Painting

As mentioned earlier Greeks considered Painting as the highest form of art. One of the most famous Greek painters was Polygnotus of Thasos. Greek painters would mostly paint on walls, terracotta, and wooden panels. Wooden panels were most widely used but due to lack of preservation, none of those paintings is available now.

Greek style of painting can be known by whatever little paintings on walls and terracotta are available. Paintings done on pottery gives a more elaborate idea of the aesthetics followed by the Greeks. Greeks mastered the art of carving in stone.

Greek Art Sculpture

Marble was the first choice for sculpting and bronze was the second choice. Most ancient Greek sculptures have also faced the heat of time and over the years have been destroyed due to various reasons.

Art and Architecture in Ancient Greece

How did temples play a part in Greek life?

Greek architecture is one field of art which stands out. Ancient Greek buildings and structures were grand. They would mostly make huge temples to offer services to different Gods.

Some of the best structures made during the ancient times are Parthenon, Statue of Zeus, The Temple of Artemis, The Colossus etc. Ancient Greek structures were mostly made from limestone or they would use marble to make some grand structures.

Art and Architecture in Ancient Greece

Another interesting art which the Greeks made their own was coin design. Though not invented in Greece, coins were first extensively used by the ancient Greeks. They would put a portrait of the patron God or Goddess of the city issuing the coin.

It then evolved into carving heads of Greek mythological heroes. They would also paint and design shields of the warriors. They would make designs which would distract the opponent and give them an opportunity to attack and catch the opponent off guard.

Art and Architecture in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greek Architecture facts

Hence, Greek architecture, despite being the oldest has stood the test of time and has inspired many artists world over. The style of painting, sculpting, architecture etc. has evolved a lot over the years but still, you can see some influence of the ancient Greek style of artwork in works of many modern artists.