Ancient Greek text includes those texts in the literature which was written until at end of the 4th century AD. Now the classical period of Greek literature starts at the time of Home to that of Plato. Now the writing which is the earliest known ones are Mycenaean which was written on tablets made out of clay.

Ancient Greek Text

This includes the various works of Homer and also other epic poems which was mostly passed on to the next generation, orally.

Ancient Greek Text

Epic Poetry

The classical period included epic poetry which includes the Iliad and Odyssey, by Homer. Apart from Homer, there was also another poet at this time called Hesiod. Homer usually talked about wars in his poetry but then Hesiod talks about his own self. Two of his famous works included Works and Days and Theogony.

Ancient Greek Text

Ancient Greek Text: Lyric Poetry

Apart from epic poems, there was also lyric poetry. This was sung by individual people originally and it had the lyre (an instrument) as accompaniment. The very first lyric poet was called Archilochus of Paros. Now his work was found in only tiny little fragments. Then, came tragedy, which is another part of the ancient Greek text, where the epic and lyric is mixed. Now the final element which was also present at that time was the comedy.\

Comedic Texts

Some of the comedic texts were The birds, the clouds and so on. Then, came the Hellenistic Age. Now during the 3rd Century BC, the Greek poetry had flourished to some extent. The main poets during this time were Apollonius of Rhodes, Callimachus, and Theocritus. Now Theocritus wrote the Harvest Home which was considered to be his best piece.

Ancient Greek Text

The most famous ancient Greek text of Callimachus was called Aetia, finally, Apollonius of Rhodes had written Argonautica. Now there were also certain philosophical works which were written by Plato and also by Aristotle.

Diogenes Laertius who was there during the 3rd Century had written Lives, Teachings, and Sayings of Famous Philosophers. Now Plotinus, who also lived during that time, was another great philosopher. He transformed the philosophy of Plato into a school which was known as Neoplatonism.

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