The first ever Greek medical school had opened in the early 700 BC. Alcmaeon, who was the author of the very first anatomical works, had also worked in the first medical school and it was also at this school that, the practice of observing patients was started. Now Hippocrates had also managed to make his own school which was at Cos. Now ancient Greek medicine used Egyptian substances into the pharmacopeia.

Greek Medicine Hippocrates

Now there were three different types of medicines. The first was Hippocrates and Hippocratic medicine. The Hippocratic Corpus contained the main medical text which was there in the school. Although a person through that Hippocrates himself has written those texts, scholars think that many authors wrote it over the years.


Ancient Greek Medicine: Hippocratic

Now there was an oath called the Hippocratic Oath which was present, which stated that the Hippocratic medicine was only practiced by professional physicians who were bound under an oath.

Now the students who wanted to become physicians could get through after making a small payment and after this, the relationship with the teacher and the student was like one in a virtual family.


During the training, the instruction was orally given and the oath also assumed that the students would work along with the patients. There were also certain things which the oath would tell the physicians to do or not like to tell anyone if they were about to inject some lethal drug and so on.

Biological Processes

The next was the period of medicine from Aristotle, who was one of the most influential scholars ever. Now he was the one who did not believe in experimentation. He studied nature as it is and all the biological processes in nature. The final period was the medicine which was used in Alexandria.


Now in this period, although the idea of Aristotle still lived, there were still advanced in the world of biology in ancient Greek medicine. Here people studied the nervous system and they mapped the entire body. Out here experiments were performed to test the theories and these theories were usually performed on animals and not usually on humans.