The main ancient Greek values were known as Theoxeny, the right of hospitality, Arete, excellence, Hubris, pride and arrogance and Kelso, glory through some great deeds. In other words, you can say that individualism, rationalism, justice, and pursuit of excellence were the main ancient Greek value of the people.

Ancient Greek Values

So there are various ancient Greek values, but the character of an individual, the religious aspect and how to treat and entertain guests. Hospitality to everyone was the main theme of the life of the Greece people.

A building of mental characteristics meant using their wit and cleverness to tackle all situations, you might have read about how Odysseus’s wife uses her wit and trickery to come out of a difficult situation.

Ancient Greek Values

Greeks also place a lot of value on faithfulness and loyalty. Examples of faithfulness and loyalty are given by characters like Penelope, Eumaios, Philoitois, and Argos.Physical characteristics of the building up of strength were very important to the people of Greece.

They had to take part in various sports like wrestling, boxing and discus throwing. The Greek loved competition. For example, we have read about competition to be able to string Odysseus bows.

Ancient Greek Values

The treatment and entertainment of a guest were of great importance in ancient Greece. It showed their social class and people believed, that by treating their guest properly, they can come in favor of god Zeus, known as the god of travelers and guests. Hospitality towards strangers like giving foods, drinks, shelter to them was considered as one of the main values of Greek life.

Ancient Greek Values

Religious Beliefs and ancient Greek Culture

The religious beliefs of the ancient Greek culture were well defined. They believed that they were watched over by Zeus and other gods. To be in favor of the gods, they had to make sacrifices.The Greeks believed in life after death with Hades in the underworld.

The ancient Greek values were unrealistic and they thought that people would get a happy ending after going through any sort of hardship or enduring anything. They thought that if one was brave, then the next life of that person would be very good.

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