Ancient Greek Troy refers to the ancient Greek city which became the beleaguered for more than 10 years and was finally conquered by the Greek forces. This war, famously known as the Trojan War, took place due to the abduction of the queen of Sparta Helen, by Paris the son of Priam, king of Troy. Homer, the famous poet, has mentioned about this war in his works Illiad as well as Odyssey.

Troy to the Greeks

Trojan War

The Trojan War had become a stalemate after 10 years as the Greeks were unable to capture the city of Troy while the forces of Troy were unable to drive the Greeks back. Finally, the Greeks hid inside a huge horse which they left outside the city of Troy. The people of Troy welcomed the gift unknown to the fact that it had Greek soldiers inside.

Ancient Greek Troy: Horse

They thought they were successful in driving back the Greek forces and had won the never-ending battle. As night fell and the city went to sleep, all the soldiers got out of the giant horse and captured the city of Troy by killing the king. This is how the computer virus ‘Trojan Horse’ gets its name.

Troy people home


Ancient Greek Troy, an excavation site in northwest Turkey, now known as Hisarlik, is expected to be the same ancient Troy. Excavations at the site have revealed an inhabited area 10 times the size of the citadel which was found in the early excavations at the same site. This proves Troy to be a significant Bronze age city.