The ancient Greek trade routes included both overland routes and the nautical routes. While many of these routes were famous for different commodities, some of them passed through Greece. Trade was an important activity in ancient Greece.

The quality of the soil was not very good around Greece. Hence, many commodities had to be imported from the surrounding lands. As the power and influence of the Hellenic nations grew, so did the intensity of trade.

ancient greek trade routes

A trade route can be described as a specific path along which trade was carried on. The ancient trade routes were mostly on land. These are the overland trade routes. Most of them crossed the entire old world. The use of beasts of burden and caravans helped in the development of the overland trade routes.

Gradually, the maritime trade routes also made their appearance. Ships plied on well known maritime routes to carry on trading. The ancient trade routes were generally named after the predominant commodity which was traded along that route.

Examples of Ancient Greek Trade Routes:

In order to understand the evolution of the ancient Greece trade routes, it is necessary to know about the trading structure of ancient Greece.

Ancient Greece Trade Routes

Ancient Greece Trade Routes Ancient Mariners

Importance of ancient Greek trade routes:

The significance of ancient Greece trade routes is as follows:

Ancient Greece Trade Routes