Ancient Greek plays were characterized by very loud music, extensive sets, and a huge crowd and are usually referred to the theater that existed in Athens during 5 BC. There were hidden meanings and there was more than just a rendition of a story.

It was not also very easy to pick up the story plot in ancient plays in Greece as they involved a lot of significant actions and there were words with many meanings that required to be understood.

Ancient Greek Plays

Ancient Greek Plays / Ancient Greek Dramas

Drama meant, to do, while theater referred to seeing place or viewing. It was not possible to preserve all of them from historical times as of all the dramas acted out in ancient Greece; only 43 have survived over time.

Historians have been able to trace a few samples and fragments of plays, commentaries, and comedies.Primarily, Greek plays contained a lot of spiritual element in them. There were loads of myth, visually attractive stuff, and commentaries on society and higher philosophies as well as dance, music and also about legends.

Ancient Greek Plays

Dionysus was a popular god and theme as well

The theater was focused on the gods and the most famous among them was Dionysus, the major god of wine, agriculture, fertility, and sexuality. These were the primary themes on which an ancient Greek play was acted out. The religious rites of the Athenians were written out and then formed into the drama to be acted out.

Ancient Greek Plays

Greek theater places

All religious rites and rituals were turned into verses that were later on turned into plays. Contrary to popular thought, Greek theater places were not white. The color had faded over time and Grecian plays in ancient times were held in very colorful surrounds.

Common themes based on spirituality had large doses of murder lust, war, betrayal, social and ethical themes as well as daily events of violence. The prologue or a speech, the chorus and the scenes of the plays followed soon after. Tragedy and comedy were major attractions where tragedy actors dressed in goatskins and the best actors were rewarded with a kid goat.

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