Accounts of ancient Greek pets are found in many contemporary writings. Starting from homers Odyssey to the writings of Aristotle, descriptions are found of the different pets.Evidence of different types of pets are also found in pottery and excavated graves.

It is conjectured that the polytheistic nature of religion allowed free entry of many animals into the Greek household. However, you should remember that cats were not prized and not kept as pets in Greece.

deer in greece

The different types of ancient Greek pets:

Here are some facts regarding the different types of ancient Greece pets.

ancient Greece horse

Dogs as ancient Greek pets

Perhaps the most popular pets in ancient Greece were dogs. They were sometimes caged and often pampered. Interestingly, they were also sacrificed to cleanse any pollution caused by birth or death.


Here are some important facts concerning the dogs in ancient Greece:

Hermann's Tortoise

Mynah birds

These are the different types of ancient Greek pets that were kept at that time.