The ancient Greeks were people who believed very strongly in Gods. They would worship many Gods and Goddesses. They also believed very strongly in the thought that God could be consulted to know their future. They did so via Ancient Greek Oracles.

Ancient Greek Oracles

Oracles were considered as a gateway to knowing God’s will. They had the powers to communicate with Gods, and hence people would ask these Oracles for solutions to their problems. People who consulted these Oracles had to be careful as to how they interpreted the answers.


Famous Oracle

Oracles would serve not only normal people but also different kings would consult them. They would also make predictions for the ancient Greek city-states. The most famous Oracle was the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi.

Delphi was a religious sanctuary in ancient Greece and people would travel long distances to reach Delphi to find solutions to their problems or to know about their future. The oracles at Delphi then became so busy that they restricted their services only on a few selected days.

Oracle of Delphi

As mentioned earlier, Delphi became the most important site but it was not the only site where Oracles were found. Two of the other famous sites for oracular consultation in ancient Greece were Dodona – a site situated in northern Greece and Ammon – situated at the oasis of Siwah in Egypt. People of ancient Greece didn’t only believe in consulting Gods but they would also consult the spirits of the dead.

One of the sites for oracles of the dead was near the river Acheron.Such was the strong belief of the Ancient Greeks that the oracular practices prevailed for many years and they were famous not only in Greece but even in the Persian and the Roman Empire.

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