List of Some Popular Ancient Greek Movies:


It is an adaption of the famous play by Sophocles and this 1960 film had Irene Papas in the title role. It plays in Greek with English subtitles.

It portrays the story of the very known Oedipus who had mistakenly married his mother. It shows the struggle for the throne of Thebes after he steps down between his two sons. It gives an entertaining watch with bits of information about ancient Greek politics and intrigue.

Oedipus Rex

Oedipus Rex is an 1967 Italian film adapted from the play written by Sophocles of the same name. and featuring Pier Paolo Pasolini, with Sylvana Mangano as Jocasta and Franco Citti as Oedipus. It followed the story of Oedipus who goes to be the king of Thebes but fulfilling a prophecy by the Oracle he goes on to murder his biological father and marries his mother unknowingly. It is an intriguing adaptation of the famed tragedy into a modern-day film which portrays the inevitability of destiny.


The Trojan Women

It is the modern adaptation of the ancient Greek play by Euripides. It starred Michael Cacoyannis, with Katherine Hepburn as Hecuba, Genevieve Bujold as Cassandra, Vanessa Redgrave as Andromache, and Irene Papas as Helen. It portrays the suffering brought about by the Trojan war on the women and how their lives are affected. It shows the struggles of the widow to raise her son while the king wants him dead, the aftermath of Hecuba’s daughter and also Helen who waits to see if she will be allowed to live.


Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans was a box office hit, grossing $41 million dollars domestically alone, on a $15 million dollar budget. It was the 11th highest grossing film of the year.

The clash of titans is a remake of the original of the same name and it dives into Greek mythologies. It followed the legend of Perseus, the mythical founder of Mycenaean Greece and his battles with Hades, the ruler of the underworld. It is a greatly entertaining film playing in an action fantasy world based on Greek mythologies exploring the world of Greek gods.


Wrath of the Titans

The wrath of the titans is the sequel to the clash of the titans following its success. It continues the story of Perseus and goes deeper into Greek mythology and the complexities between the gods and the Titans. It plays out like a typical action fantasy movie sucking the audience into its world.



300 is based on the historical Battle of Thermopylae about the battle waged between 300 Spartans and a sea of Persians over control of the land.

It brings into focus the legendary Greek hoplites and the Spartan military culture. It gives brilliant storytelling and action sequences. Although it is not historically accurate and generally glorifies the Spartan military while demonising the Persians, but it makes an engaging watch with a good portrayal of hoplite formations.

300: Rise of an Empire

300: Rise of an empire is the sequel to 300 which focuses on the Greek resistance to the Persians unitedly. Another dramatised portrayal of a historical event which focuses on the Greeks under their legendary leader Themistocles against the army of Xerxes under Artemisia and concludes with the battle of Salamis. It is another action-packed movie with great sequences but less regard for historical accuracy.


The film is based on the Trojan War, taking material from the Homers Iliad and the Virgil’s Aeneid.In search of the Trojan War. The great British archaeologist Michael Wood leads us on a quest to reconcile the veracity of the Trojan War.

The film mainly focuses on the love story between Paris, the Trojan prince and Helen, the queen of Sparta who elopes with the prince to Troy leaving behind her husband. This brings on the Trojan war between the Greeks and the Trojans.

The film beautifully adapts the Homerian classic intonation of a modern-day feature film which has been a sort of cult classic.


Alexander is a dramatized portrayal of the legendary king, Alexander the Great. It begins with his childhood and his lessons with his tutor, Aristotle and then portrays his conquests across central Asia, where he goes from one battle to another defeating his enemies. It ends with the death of Alexander and the subsequent division of his Empire.

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The legend of Hercules

The legend of Hercules is another action film which portrays the life of the legendary Greek hero, Hercules who is said to be the son of Zeus. It is a coming-of-age type of movie for Hercules who chooses to be the Hero he was but on the other hand, fills his life with sacrifices while showing the strength of the human spirit.

Percy Jackson Movie series

The Percy Jackson movies are yet another dive into the world of Greek mythology. It is not a typical period drama but a fresh take on the Greek gods set in the modern age. The protagonist discovered himself to be a demi-God and a son of Zeus and his fight with Hades who has kidnapped his mother along with preventing a war between the gods which would involve earth.


The Greek film Electra is another adaptation of Sophocles’ play. It shows the struggle of Electra and her brother who goes into exile after their father, who was the king was murdered by his queen. It spins an intriguing story about revenge and suspense in which hate runs deep and also preaches an acceptance of reality.

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