Five thousand years of history have obviously left a mark on the Ancient Greek landscape. Many ancient Greek monuments, cities, and landmarks have traveled through the eons under the sun and some have even remained in use (like the Acropolis for instance), while many others fell into obscurity and were buried under the ground only to be unearthed by the archaeologist in the past two hundred years.

Ancient Greece Landscape greek landscape drawing

Ancient Greek Landscape

Such ancient sites appear today as monuments to the Greek ideas and culture that influenced the subsequent generations of the western civilization. For those brought up immersed in the western civilization, to study the ancient Greek monuments is to study one’s own heritage and self.

Ancient Greece Natural Resources

Many visitors have made it a point to return to Greece year after year to enjoy the sun, the culture, and to study the ancient monuments. For those, Greece has unlimited resources to offer. Thousands of ancient sites, large and small, wait to be seen, and unknown numbers await for the archaeologists’ brush to uncover them.

Ancient Greece Landscape Landscape Oil PaintingsAncient Greece
But for those visitors who plan only one trip to Greece what should they see? What ancient sites should they visit? Here is my own list of ancient Greek sites not to be missed. This is a list that relies heavily on the importance and/or beauty of each site. Once you visit these, you will want to go back to Greece for more, and I guarantee, Greece will not disappoint you.

Ancient Greece Mountains

Greek is a mountainous land almost completely surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Greek has around 1400 islands. The country has mild winters and long, dry and hot summers. Greece has unlimited resources to offer. Thousands of ancient sites, large and small, wait to be seen.

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