Ancient Greece Fun Facts: The first person we know who realized the Earth couldn’t be flat was the Greek philosopher Anaximander. Around 560 B.C., he suggested that the Earth had a cylindrical shape. By 350 B.C., the concept of a spherical Earth was so satisfying and free of paradox that it was generally accepted by scholars even in the absence of direct proof.

Ancient Greece Fun Facts

Eighteen more centuries would pass before a direct proof, in the form of Ferdinand Magellan’s expedition to circumnavigate the globe, occurred.

Ancient Greece Fun Facts

Ancient Greece Alphabet

The yo-yo is the second oldest known toy in the world (only the doll is older) and was born over 3,000 years ago in the days of ancient Greece Ancient Greeks played an important part in the development of the alphabet. The first two letters of the Greek alphabet – alpha and beta – have given us the word ‘alphabet’.

Ancient Greek Family

The ancient Greeks considered their children to be “youths” until they reached the age of 30! When a child was born to an ancient Greek family, a naked father carried his child, in a ritual dance, around the household. Friends and relatives sent gifts.

Ancient Greece Fun Facts

Archytas of Tarentum

The nature of sound was one area of physics in which the ancient Greeks made significant progress in understanding. Around 400 B.C., Archytas of Tarentum stated that sound was produced by bodies striking together, with swift motion producing high pitch and slow motion low pitch.

Later, Aristotle included air as a body that produces sound when struck, stating that sound was propagated by one part of the air striking the next until it reached the ear, and also correctly noted that, without a medium such as air or water, the man could not hear a sound.

Ancient Athenians

The Ancient Athenians were the first humans to develop democracy.Socrates, one of the greatest philosophers of Ancient Greece, was forced to commit suicide by drinking hemlock after he was found guilty of corrupting the youth of Athens.

Ancient Greece Fun Facts

Ancient Greek children

Ancient Greek children slept in wicker baskets until they were seven years old and Ancient Greeks ate dinner while lying on their sides.The ancient Greeks constructed pyramids of porous rocks in desert climates, which were used as water catchers. They could capture and condense surprisingly large quantities of water.

A group of 13 pyramids at Theodosia in the Crimea that was built around 500 B.C. averaged almost 40 feet high and were placed on hills around the city. As the wind moved through the stones, the changing temperatures throughout the day caused moisture to condense, run down, and feed a network of pipes.