A brief description of the ancient Greek cities will help us to understand the richness of the Greek civilization. The details on some of the ancient Greek cities are as follows:

Ancient Greek Cities


Aegina is an island city which is separated from the coastal area of ancient Greece. It’s a triangular city. This city is the site of various temples constructed during the 5th century BC. This city is the site of many tourist attractions.

Aegina was settled when the Dorians made their attack in the 11th century BC. This was an important center where commercial activities of the country were carried out successfully. But gradually, as Athens rose to prominence, the significance of this city subsided. This island was conquered by Athens later. After the Peloponnesian war, the natives were all expelled by the Athenians.

Ancient Greek Cities


Troy is an ancient city of Asia Minor. This city has been made famous by Homer’s epic poems. In the poems, Iliad and Odyssey, Homer describes the battle which the city fought for 10 years to recover Helen whom Paris abducted. This city serves as an excellent site of archaeological findings.

Most people, till the close of the 19th century, regarded Troy as a fictitious city. This city was relocated by a German scholar Hissarlic.

Ancient Greek Cities


This was an ancient city in Greece in the district of Boeotia. It is a very old city and its legendary hero is a part of Greek mythology. Mythology says that its founders were Cadmus and five warriors who were formed from a dragon.

In the late 6th century BC, Thebes and Athens became foes. In 480 BC, a Theban force joined other Greek forces against Persians. But Thebes then supported Persia. Thebes and Sparta were united against Athens. After the triumph, Thebes and Sparta fell out. Sparta conquered Thebes


It is an island situated in the Ionian Sea. In Homers Iliad, it is the native land of Odysseus.

Ancient Greek Cities


This is the wealthiest and the most powerful ancient Greek city. According to legends, this was the native place of Agamemnon (the leader of the Greeks in their battle against Troy).These were some of the ancient Greek cities.