How Ancient Greeks Dressed: Ancient Greece chiton was a prominent piece of clothing worn by the people of ancient Greece. The chiton was the most popular dressing form for thousands of years. Chiton eras are categorized into the Doric and Ionic eras.

How Ancient Greeks Dressed

How Ancient Greeks Dressed

During the Doric period, the chitin was simpler to wear. The sleeveless chiton only had a button or a pin by way of which the Greeks Dressed held together over a person body. But the Ionic chiton changed the chiton to a more complex piece of clothing. It was made of wider fabric. There were buttons from the neck to the wrist sections. The excessive fabric was tugged onto the waist, using a waist girdle.

Clothing in ancient Greece

The clothing in ancient Greece was simple and artistic. It was made for ease of use, and the ancient Greece chiton is no different. Most clothes were made from rectangular pieces of cloth.

Until the Ionic period, the clothes were sewn little. Rather, they were fastened to the body using belts.Apart from chitons, there were other types of clothing that were used in ancient Greece. They were peplos, chlamys, and himation.

How Ancient Greeks Dressed

Peplos clothing in ancient Greece

The peplos was only for women. Only transvestite men would wear such clothing. Even then, transvestites existed as per records, and they were regarded as special people. The peplos was essentially a large piece of fabric. By using a folding mechanism, it was changed to a cloth with multiple layers.

The peplos was simply draped around the body. The excessive cloth was folded and fastened around the waist. The pedalos were fastened usually at the shoulder with the help of belts or pins. Only the side of the body, that is the arms, could be visible, while the rest of the body remained covered.

Chlamys Greeks Dressed:

This was only used as a top. It was used for special occasions. Only men wore the chlamys. It was worn by putting it on the left shoulder and fastening it at the right shoulder. It was worn by shoulders of the Greek army.

How Ancient Greeks Dressed

Himation – ancient Greek dress:

The himation was again a large cloak that was used by men and women of ancient Greece. Unlike ancient Greece chiton, the himation was worn differently. The cloth was cut from the back to the shoulder. The rest of the cloth was put beneath the right arm. The process was completed by putting the remaining cloth over the front portion of the body.

How Ancient Greeks Dressed

All this indicates that wearing Greek clothing was a multistage process of draping a single piece of cloth. Greek clothing was simple, and their beauty lied in this.The styles used in ancient Greece clothing are a thing of the past now. But their legend continues to exist. The legend of the ancient Greece chiton is still seen today in many movies of ancient Greece history.