Ancient Greek Places: Greece which is officially known as the Hellenic Republic is the world’s ancient country. This country boasts about being the birthplace of sages like Aristotle, Plato, Socrates as well as the perfect athlete Hercules (Heracles).

The beauty of the numerous Islands that was mentioned by Homer remains until today. Stentorian, Crete, Kimonos are the main tourist’s spots which are visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Some of Famous Ancient Greek Places

Greek Archaeological Sites

The Athenian Acropolis, in spite of not being known either for its location or for its tranquility yet, constitutes one of the worlds most important archaeological sites. The main reason being that these buildings of Acropolis were the personification of Athens during the 5th century BC.

Apart from this, this Ancient Greek Places is also famous because it is this same place which holds evidence for us with regard to the time when democracy was first implemented, the time when theater and western science took their inception, when practical questions were being asked by the philosophers and also when history got transferred in the form of an art.


Ancient Greek Monuments and Buildings

The Acropolis consists of several monuments like the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, the Temple to Athena Nike and the monumental entrance, the Prophylaxis. An important thing to note about these structures is that all these constructions were completed during the fifth century which represents a complete religious sanctuary of the Classical Greek Period.

Legendary Home of King Agamemnon

Mycenae is popularly known for being the legendary home of King Agamemnon under whose lead the Greeks fought the Trojan War.

While historians have always debated over the kind of power or influence which Mycenae exercised but one thing which is unanimously admitted by all the historians that Mycenae has produced wonderfully rich sites has produced which have been discovered time and again by various scholars.

The location of the site from the throne room is absolutely breathtaking as it is located at the head of a valley overlooking the Argos Plain.



Olympia, apart for being well known as the official birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games, is also one of the most beautiful sites in Greece, and whose beauty till today has been well-preserved in spite of being covered by silt from the nearby Alpheios River.

From the very beginning of the Olympic Games in 776 BC, these Games were held at this site almost every four years until they were finally banned by the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius II in AD 426.

Delphi can very easily be regarded as one of Greece’s most reminiscent sites. Located on a steep mountainside, Delphi was home to one of Greece’s most famous oracles the Pythia.

During the Archaic Period (8th-6th centuries BC) the city wielded a lot of political power and although this influence diminished by the 5th century BC, Delphi maintained its importance as a supposedly neutral city that became, like Switzerland today, a center for inter-city diplomatic relations.

The Thalos temple to Athena at Delphi with the mountain scenery in the background makes the site of Delphi memorable.