The girl’s life in ancient Greece was a mystery considering that they lived miles away from their husband’s life and often ended up spending more time with their other female counterparts. The usual tradition in Athens and most other Greek states barring Sparta was that Ancient Greek Girls stayed at home and eventually ended up getting married.

Ancient Greece Girls

Responsibility Ancient Greek Girls

The main responsibility which was put on a Greek girl’s shoulders was that she was supposed to help her mother with all her chores. From a very young age, the girls were trained to cook, weave and clean. Ancient Greek Girls getting to learn were a very rare phenomenon in ancient Greece. Girls also learned ancient secret songs and dances in order to participate in all the religious festivals with their mothers.

As far as the outfits of the Ancient Greek Girls were concerned, they were very much on similar lines like those worn by men. Women who were married to upper-class men wore colorful bright woolen chiton. On special occasions, women also wore wigs and makeup.

Ancient Greece Girls

Facts of Greece Woman

A woman could own her property like for example clothes, jewelry etc but could not possess it as there was a guardian appointed who controlled and managed all the aspects of her life thereby giving her no liberty. She neither enjoyed any voting right nor was she financially independent.

Girls in Athens got married immediately after puberty to a man as old as in his 30s. The virginity of a Greek girl was very crucial at the time of her marriage. The purpose of getting married was twofold: firstly, for the management of the property as he controlled her property after marriage and secondly, for production of heirs.


Emotions were completely absent in all this process. She, along with her husband, would give offerings to God and share a cake together.The only duty which was put on the wife was bear legitimate children and manages the chores of the house in an economical manner. Once a baby was born, the wife would show it to her husband. Only after the husband approved the baby could she keep it else it was abandoned.


Women’s life in Ancient Sparta

Where the women in Athens were considered very docile and patient, the Spartan woman gained the character of being extremely bold and daring. The reason for such a diverse role was that an Athenian man hardly came home.

He spent most of his time listening to famous philosophers or discussing politics but expected complete obedience from his wife and kids.On the other hand, though, a Spartan man was absent from his house longer since he had to protect the state, it was the women who took all the important decisions and emerged stronger and bolder in the whole process.

Girls Roman Greek Goddess

The correct position of ancient Greek woman can be best understood if we look at it from the perspective of marriage. Marriage was considered to be a mere formality. Men, often, found emotions and companionship outside marriage.

The role expected from an Athenian woman was very aptly described as, the best woman was the one of who was last heard, whether if it was good or bad, and that it behooves the woman not to go out before she was old.