Ancient Greece Landmarks

There are several Ancient Greek landmarks which still stand tall in the country, bearing mute testimony to the grandeur and magnificence of a civilization which has contributed richly to every sphere of human development. Each of these ancient Greek landmarks has its own history and heritage which you will be able to see while visiting these landmarks.

Ancient Greece Landmarks Landmarks And Their Greatest Facsimiles

The ten important ancient Greek landmarks/sites:

Here is a list of ten important ancient Greece landmarks, though there are many others:

1. The most well known ancient Greece landmark is the Athenian Acropolis. It is the best example of the Athenian way of life in fifth century BC. It is regarded as one of the most significant archeological sites of the world. This complex includes a number of monuments like the Parthenon, the temple of Athena etc.

Ancient Greece Landmarks Temple of Olympian Zeus Athens

2. Another of the important ancient Greek landmarks is Olympia which is still revered as the home of the Olympic Games which were held here in 776 BC. It includes the building at the west where the legendary sculptor Pheidias worked. Then there are the original stadium and the place where the Olympic races were run.

3. One of the most visited sites in Greece is Delphi which is the home of the oracle Pythia. Because of this, it commanded a position of power in the country. In later years, Delphi came to be known as an area of neutrality. It became a center of the intercity diplomatic relationship. It includes the treasury of the Athenians and the temple of Apollo.

4. Another important site, known more for its historical relevance rather than archeological ruins is Marathon. It is the site where, in 490 BC, the Greeks, led by Athens soundly defeated the Persians. This gave Athens a great position of power in the country. Today, you can see the small museum and the Athenian Tumulus which was erected to pay respect to the dead.

Ancient Greece Landmarks monuments and landmarks

5. Mycenae is the seat of King Agamemnon who led the Trojan War. This site is rich in relicts as befits a city which dominated all the other city states surrounding it. The city has very thick walls. The museum holds many rich archeological finds including many grave goods that bear testimony to fine craftsmanship. The gold death masks are especially remarkable.

6. Another of the major ancient Greek landmarks is Pylos. It is a complex of ruins including the earliest bathtub in Greece called the Queens Quarter.

7. Corinth, with its ruin of the vast temple of Apollo, also bears many Roman ruins because of the visit of St. Paul here during the Roman period. However, this temple is probably the first monument in Greece to be built in the Doric style.

8. Vergina was the capital of Macedonia. It contains the grave of the father of Alexander, Phillip II. This site is known for its many valuable archeological finds including a bust of Alexander which was probably carved during his lifetime.

Ancient Greece Landmarks Greek ruins and ancient buildings

9. Sparta is another site, but little survives from the past. The temple of Artemis and the local museum show a glimpse into the Spartan culture.

10. Finally, Kerameikos is rich in relics of ancient Athens including its most ancient city walls and the double gate. It is also the worlds earliest seat of ceramic pottery.

There are many other ancient Greece landmarks but these ten serve to bring out the richness of an ancient civilization beautifully.