Ancient Greece Goddesses Names

Ancient Greeks were highly spiritual and their thoughts and beliefs were closely related to the Orientals, who worshipped nature and natural phenomenon. Ancient Greek Goddesses occupied a pivotal in Greek Mythology. Among the twelve Olympian Gods and Goddesses, six are female.

Ancient Greek Goddesses

Ancient Greece Goddesses Names_ Ancient Greek Sculpture Demeter

Apart from these Goddesses of ancient Greece the Earth itself is worshipped as the Mother Earth or the Gaea. She was born of Chaos and is believed to be the creator of all the Titans, the monsters, and the Cyclopes.

Role of the Olympian Goddesses

Myths have it that Hera, the Queen of ancient Greek Goddesses was married to the King of Gods Zeus. Hera is considered to be the Protector Of Marriage and to bring fertility and protection to the children. Her Bird is Peacock. According to the legends, the Milky Way was formed from the milk which sputtered from her breast.

Ancient Greece Goddesses Names

Greek Goddess Athena

Athena the protector of Athens and the daughter of Zeus was worshipped in Parthenon. She is the virgin Goddess of Wisdom, intellect, and Handicraft. She helped Odysseus, Heracles, and Perseus to overcome their trial with her strategies.

Greek Goddess of Beauty

Aphrodite the Goddess of Beauty, love, sex, and regeneration has inspired artists of many generations with her beauty. She is believed to have given birth to Hermaphroditus the son of Hermes. It became joined with nymph thus the usage of the term Hermaphrodite. She was also considered the Goddess of Prostitution.

Ancient Greece Goddesses Names

Hestia, the Goddess of Hearth and Home, is the eldest of the Olympian Gods. Every house has a symbol of Hestia and a newborn is taken to that symbol before being accepted into the family. She is one of the three Virgin Goddesses of ancient Greece.

Demeter the ancient Goddess of Harvest and Fields was worshipped by every ancient Greek because it was believed by them that bad harvesting and unfavorable weather conditions are caused due to the displeasure of Goddess Demeter.

Ancient Greece Goddesses Names

Artemis the youngest of the three virgin Goddesses of ancient Greece was worshipped as the Goddess of Hunt and the Protector of Young women and midwives. She has 50 hounds, 50 Dreads, and silver arrows.

Among the non-Olympian Ancient Greek goddesses was Persephone the Goddess of Spring and the daughter of Demeter. According to myths she was abducted by Hades and taken to the underworld where she became the queen of the underworld. Ancient Greeks used to worship the Nymphs and also believed in their power to protect the nature and beauty.