Ancient Greece Education System

The Ancient Greek Education System was different for boys and for girls. The style of life was different in the different states of Greece. Athens was the most flourished state of Greece as far as the education system was concerned.

The Athenians considered themselves superior to everyone else. Spartans were concerned more about education in the art warfare. They were brave people and had a powerful military system.

The Ancient Greek Education System in Athens:

The citizens of the state were well trained in arts. The young people were trained so that they could face both waves of peace as well as war conditions. There were private schools throughout the state. Everyone could afford education for their children as the cost of education was pretty low. Until the age of six or seven boys received education at home.


Either their mothers taught them or they were taught by a male slave serving the house. After that, they were sent to elementary school. They studied in these schools until they were 13 or 14 years of age.

They were also given training in physical education. Gymnastics were taught to these boys in school. Sports were given equal importance in the schools. They were taught to run, jump, wrestling and boxing. The boys had singing classes in school.

There they were taught the poems of Homer, they were taught how to read, write, they were taught how to do public speaking, solve mathematics etc. in middle school they were taught science, math and how the government machinery functions.

A Greek School in Ancient Athens

Books were read in those times. Therefore the subjects were read out loudly by the teachers. The boys memorized everything and had to rely on memory reproducing them later. They also made use of writing tablets and rulers while learning up subjects. Those who were poor could not carry on with their education after they were 13 or 14 years old.

They took up the job of an apprentice in a trade. The boys from well to do families sought education from the great philosophers of Greece. People who enlightened their minds were the great philosophers like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.

At the time of Socrates, there was no system of higher Ancient Greek Education System imparted formally to boys in schools. But these schools gradually came up and philosophers like Plato and Aristotle taught there. Aristotle was the teacher of Alexander when he was a prince. Alexander grew up to be Alexander the great!