Ancient Greek Democracy: Around the year 1000 BC in the area in which current Greece is situated today, after a long and hard battle the very first city-state had started to rise. Hence this resulted in the division of Greece into the Achaian part which was Arcadia, the Doric part which was Sparta and finally the Ionic part which was Attica.

Ancient Greek Democracy

Among these three cultures, the one which had the lowest status was Sparta even though if we look at Sparta from a military point of view it was the one which excelled. The Achaians, as well as the Ionians, had owed their entire independence to the inaccessible mountainous terrains but in battle, they would always be beaten by the primitive Spartans.

But then a group of Ionians had survived and thanks to that the world had gotten the opportunity to know of a special system of government called the ancient Ancient Greek Democracy.


The cradle of Ancient Greek Democracy was Athens, which was the Greek city-state situated in Peloponnese which was in Attica. Athens had owed the very first penal as well as civil law code to Draco. It was him who had differentiated the premeditated murder from the accidental manslaughter.


We should also keep in mind that at times like those the state really had no rights as such of prosecution or even mercy and because of the sentences which were passed the ancient Greek law was said to be very strict.


In around 510 BC Cleisthenes had introduced abysmal reforms which had made democracy exist for the very first time as a system of government. The ideas of Cleisthenes reforms were the following:

1. Replacement of the division into the various tribe, fraternities as well as families with territorial division too.

2. Division of the Attica into three very distinct districts and the districts to be divided into areas which are smaller.

3. Citizens right for the foreigners who were living in Attica.

4. Replacement of the Council of Solon of 400 people with that of 500 and also the introduction of ostracism as well as Board generals.

Athenian Democracy

The word democracy comes from the Greek word, demos meaning people and Kratos which means power and hence the world literally means that the power of the people. Athenian Ancient Greece Democracy had been established actually as a resultant of the continuous reorganizations.