Ancient Greece Achievements

Ancient Greek Achievements are many in number and are applauded in their original or advanced from around the world even today.Medics in the western civilization have been impacted by many of ancient Greece’s contributions.

Hippocrates, who created the Hippocratic Oath, was a renounced mathematician, and doctor he is sometimes referred to as “the father of medicine. The Hippocratic Oath states that Hippocrates will treat his patient to the best of his abilities that he will refuse to give deadly medicine to his patients.

Today some medical students and doctors still take the oath and learn about it. The Hippocratic Oath is now starting to be used less often due to more revised oaths and law concerning the medical field.


Another important achievement of the ancient Greeks was that they introduced the world to a variety of interesting themes a plot could be set upon-

Tragedies: The first type they invented was the tragedy. In tragedies, one or more major characters always suffered a disastrous end.

Comedies: Comedies were invented next. In comedies, plays always had a happy end. The third type was the satire.


Satires: Satires were plays that made fun of mortal legends and of real people. Satires in ancient Greece were often political in nature, and could indeed affect people’s opinions about current events.

Competitions In Ancient Greeks

The Olympic Games are also a contribution of the Greeks to the world. The ancient Greeks loved competitions of all sorts, especially sporting competitions. The Olympics were not the only competitive games held in ancient Greece, but they were the most popular.The city of Athens introduced to the world a direct a Democracy the likes of which had never been seen hitherto.


During the second century of the Common Era, a Greek man named Claudius Ptolemaist invented the astrolabe. The astrolabe was able to measure geographic longitude and the latitude of stars from any given point on Earth. This device was able to prove the world was round and that the Earth spun on an axis.

Ancient Greek Achievements in Science and Maths

The greatest Greek achievements can be seen in the fields of science and maths. The Pythagoras theorem, Euclid’s geometry etc that help us to solve numerous mathematical and physics problems today was invented years ago by Greek scholars.

Aristotle created a classification system of monarchies, oligarchies, tyrannies, democracies, and republics which we still use today. Greek philosophers like Plato and Socrates gave important interpretations of various social and political concerns like democracy, state, government etc.


Central heating was invented in ancient Greece. In order to heat your house, you need to keep a fire going on your bottom floor. Your second story floor needs to be made out of mortar because mortar absorbs heat. Fire needs air so on the floor with the fire there needs to be flue channels. This was discovered by Britannica.