Ancient City of Athens Greece

Athens was the most highlighted state of Greece. The people of Ancient Athens city considered themselves to be the shining star of Athens. Their culture flourished beyond measure. As a result of which were born rich literature, poetry, and wonderful pieces of drama. The Ancient City of Athens Greece also contained schools, buildings and it was an extremely well-governed state.

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Ancient Athens city was not all that flourished from the very beginning. The culture that we are familiar with, took shape gradually. In the very beginning, Athens was a village where Ionian people lived. This was a period before the dark ages. It was only after the dark ages that this city flourished and became one the most powerful state of Greece.


How was the Ancient Athens city of Greece different from the state of Sparta?

Ancient Athens city was quite different from the state of Sparta. The two states differed on quite a few factors but the most prominent difference between them is:
1. The people of Sparta were known for their military strength.

2. On the other hand, the Ancient City of Athens Greece was known for their intellectual pursuits. The people were consumed with producing great works of literature and other forms of arts and for their scientific outlook.


God of Greece

Each of the city-states in Athens was ruled by a God or by a Goddess thus the Greeks believed. Ancient Greece Athens was ruled by Athena. She was considered to be the goddess of wisdom who bestowed her powers upon the people owing to which they constructed such magnificent works of arts and science. Probably it is for this reason that the people of Athens emphasized so much on education.

However, the people of the city had conservative notions when it came to the girls. They were confined to their houses. They learned household works from their mothers at home. They were denied many rights that the men enjoyed. For example, they were denied the right to vote, the right to possess property etc.

Ancient Athens houses in greece

Boys education was stressed upon by the parents. At an early age, they were taught at home. When they were 7 years of age they were sent to schools. They attended school up until the age of 14.

In schools they were taught the poems of Homer, they were taught how to read, write, they were taught how to do public speaking, solve mathematics etc. in middle school they were taught science, math and how the government machinery functions.